Tuesday, July 28, 2015


A mural on the side of the barber shop in Jensen Beach, Florida. It was painted about 7 years ago by students at a local Martin County High School. Reportedly took about three days but I am not sure how much of that time was spent painting and how much was spent being teenagers. :-)
Note it is a 1 cent stamp.

The shop is only one building away from the FEC crossing on Jensen Beach Blvd.


H/T Chickenmom for the stamp image

Monday, July 20, 2015

BNSF Office Car Special

I did a post on the CSX Office Car Special and Chjristmas Train earlier. Just ran across this great video of the BNSF Office Car Special in Southern Calafornia. The description on YouTube by Jaanfo is worth reading.
Note the last car with the observation window is the same as CSX has.

#1) The Special in Rose Canyon
#2) In Sorrento Valley
*After a mad dash I beat them to Carlsbad, but they got held up by regular Commuter Traffic for a few minutes.
#3) First up is Coaster 648
#4) Then Amtrak 566 (running late, with the single level trainset)
#5) Finally the special gets the go-ahead and flies up through Carlsbad.

Above video from 2010. The next video is from 2015 by Michael Love. Lots of Amtrak at the end. 

H/T to Mrs. Blog for finding an online puzzle of the BNSF Special near Caliente, Ca. Looked like maybe Tehachapi Pass.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Jupiter and Lake Worth Railroad

The Jupiter and Lake Worth Railroad was a 7.5 mile narrow gauge (3') connection between the south end of the Indian River at Jupiter Inlet and Lake Worth. It carried passangers form the steamboats traveling south from Melbourne and Titusville to connect with boats on Lake Worth. It was completed in 1889 and the end came in 1895 when it was bypassed by Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railroad.

More information and photos at:  http://www.taplines.net/jalw/jalwry.htm

 A very long, scholarly report "Retracing the Celestial Railroad" by Geoffrey Lynfield is found here:

Jupiter is about 30 miles south.

Here is a photo of The St. Lucie steamboat on the Indian River at Eden, just east of my location.

From the Library of Congress