Monday, April 20, 2015

Folkston Railwatch 2015

Railwatch was held Saturday, April 11. Lots of folks there and lots of pictures. Check out YouTube for some great videos taken by others. We arrived Friday and left Sunday.

Sat, 11 April 2015  08:39 AM
Amtrak 91 Silver Meteor southbound in Folkston
GE Dash 8-32BWH #514 behind GE P42DC #186
Read that the Dash 8 isn't used in scheduled service often.
*If you zoom in you can see a crew member waving at the crowd.*
I enlarged the picture so you don't have to copy it to your editor.

Amtrak 91 Silver Star about 1:45 late southbound in Folkston
Sat. 4/4 7:56 AM

 Pancake breakfast next to the mainline on Saturday.
Double header with Tropicana
 Well attended. The viewing platform is in the distance.
 The only non CSX locomotive seen.
 A nice looking Tropicana car with no graffiti. :)
 Amtrak 97 Silver Meteor with 205 and 160 Sunday morning.


  1. Nice pics! (And you got a button, too!)

  2. They had a whole sack of buttons and were passing them out. Really nice folks in Folkston. The city and local Chamber of Commerce really do a nice job.
    Someone from the ACL and SAL Railroad Historical Society was passing out complementary copies of the 100th issue of their magazine "Lines South" from 2008.

    1. Guess that's why they call it "FOLKSton" Bwahahha!

  3. Your photographs make me want to find out more about what I am seeing. I have no knowledge of trains, with the exception of them being really powerful beasts...

    In Modesto, CA where our home base was as a kid (Dad being Army) there was a park we always went to...Beard Brook ...and there was an old train there....we played in it/on it all the time. I will send you a picture of it.