Monday, June 22, 2015

Boxcar News

And it isn't good. I have to wonder why boxcars have a 50 year service life. Seems like periodic inspections and repair could extend service life almost indefinitely.

A Shortage of Railroad Boxcars Has Shippers Fuming


"A shrinking supply of boxcars--once the ubiquitous symbols of U.S. railroads and a rolling bellwether for the economy--is causing a freight-hauling crunch for the industries that continue to use them.

The number of boxcars in service in North America fell by 41% in the past decade to just under 125,000 last year as 101,600 cars were scrapped and only about 13,800 replacement were added."

Maybe not quite this long:


  1. Quite sure the chassis of some of those cars could be retrofitted with modern materials to make boxcars. Might be something a trailer company could look into.

  2. Thanks for the comment. You are right on the retrofit possibilities. I just find what appears to be an arbitrary bureaucratic rule repugnant. With modern inspection methods there is absolutely no reason for the 50 year rule.

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