Monday, December 14, 2015

Railroad that goes to Sea

There is just so much information on the Over-Sea Railroad it was difficult to decide what to post. Dan in Middle Georgia got me started when he sent me this article at about Pigeon Key.  Great writeup by Mr. John c. Dahl with some neat photos. I have fished near Pigeon Key many times both from the 7 mile bridge and from a boat. The bridge had fishing catwalks but you had to walk a long distance out to them on the bridge. Really fun when a semi truck went by - not much room to get out of the way and hold on to the railing. Which was made from the original railroad track. Also note the bridge runs east-west, not north south as some might think.

Video about Pigeon Key

Lots of great photos of the history and building of the railroad in the next video.
Note the photo of FEC crane 3377 in 1935. It is in Ft. Pierce, Fl. now.



  1. Wow! It's amazing they even got that bridge made! It really must have been scary to travel over it at night just surrounded by the ocean. Great post, Terry!

  2. Thanks. Been there many times, sometimes at night. I will look for some info on Bahia Honda bridge. Quite different from 7 mile but interesting in its own way.

  3. Thanks. There is another unique bridge on the overseas highway. I will do a post on it in the next couple of days.