Saturday, October 28, 2017

Communications and Signals

History of railroad Communications and Signal systems from Norfolk Southern Corp. Lots of vintage video.


  1. Wow! That was a great film! Loved the old movie scenes of the train signals. I remember those old poles along the tracks, too!

  2. Did I ever do a post on what all the wires on the trackside poles were used for? I may have and this video mentioned a lot of the circuits. I have recently seen some of the old poles recently way up in the Blue Ridge Mountains where the CSX (former Clinchfield) goes into the tunnel under the Parkway. Only a couple of them on the steepest part of the mountain. All the rest are long gone.

  3. OK, found some additional information on the trackside poles. See this thread "Question about trackside telegraph poles" at the Trains website:
    And in that thread is a link to this site with lots of photographs with descriptions:

  4. Enjoyed the questions and replies on the first link! I don't recall ever seeing the doubles as shown on the last link.
    Thanks for posting Terry!