Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween


And a ghost train ride at Tweetsie from 2013 found online.

A peek at this years ghost train

A promo but a good view of the train in the daylight.

H/T to Chickenmom for the idea. See her post here:


  1. Ha! Love it - would like to go on that ride! Your Ghost train is a lot better than mine!!
    Tweetsie does a good Halloween run - great post showing all the fun people were having!. (and thanks for the link!) :o)

  2. They even have a hearse they take to all the fall festivals to promote it. Saw it in Blowing Rock one year and talked to Dracula. Come to find out he was the engineer I had met a couple of weeks before when he gave me a tour of the cab of locomotive No. 12.