Saturday, November 21, 2015

Callahan, Florida Sept. 21, 2015

Stopped by the West Nassau Historical Society and Museum in Callahan on the way home from Folkston. The museum was closed but I took some photos anyway.

The Callahan Subdivision is a CSX Transportation railroad subdivision within the Jacksonville Division on the former Seaboard Air Line Railroad. The sub extends northward 20 miles from Baldwin, Florida, where the Jacksonville Terminal Subdivision's S Line and Tallahassee Subdivision meet just north of Baldwin Yard, a classification yard. According to Jacksonville Division Timetable Number 4 published in 2005,[1] the sub runs from milepost SM-0.18 to milepost SM-20.0, where it joins the Nahunta Subdivision, a former Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, in Callahan, Florida.


This was my first try at turning still photos into a video. Used Open Shot in Linux Ubuntu.


  1. Thanks. I am going to edit it and make the Wikipedia link "clickable".