Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Macon Georgia Terminal Station

Before Terminal Station was built, Southern Railway passengers used this station built in 1886. On the left side of the picture is a trestle that took the Central of Georgia over the Southern tracks. 

Macon's 1916 Terminal Station, at the foot of Cherry Street downtown, is Georgia's grandest surviving railroad station. It was designed in the Beaux Arts style by architect Alfred Fellheimer (1875-1959), who with his partners also designed stations in Cincinnati, Buffalo, and other cities.
The 13-acre station was owned by the Macon Terminal Company, which in turn was owned equally by the Central of Georgia, the Southern Railway, and the Georgia Southern & Florida. Each of these companies, along with the Georgia Railroad, had offices on the upper floors. Other railroads using the station were the Macon, Dublin & Savannah and the Macon & Birmingham.
In 1926-27, the station handled as many as a hundred arrivals/departures each day. The eight tracks for through trains and ten tracks for local trains had platforms between each track. The through tracks were connected by a tunnel.

Terminal Station closed in 1975 and became offices for Georgia Power. The city purchased the building and refurbished it, completed in 2010.

Note the four eagles standing guard over the entrance.

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  1. Nice pics and a GREAT link!! Love the old station!

  2. Lots of other good stuff at the link. I hope to see the station in person soon. If that happens, more photos!

  3. I love the architecture and that they continue to use the building, refurbishing it instead of letting it fall to decay. Love the personality and character of it! Very interesting Terry...thank you for sharing!