Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Day Supper Train

Happy Valentine's Day

Several railroads have Valentine's Day dinner and brunch trains. 
Treat yourself and your Valentine to a train ride and a nice meal in a very special setting. 

Photos from New Hope and Ivyland Railroad in New Hope, PA.


  1. From our home in Philly it is an easy drive to New Hope, and to Strasburg Railroad, if you're in the area the third weekend of August, the Thresherman's Reunion at Rough and Tumble Historical Association is awesome.
    A strong suggestion though, and learned from experience, don't where anything white or light colored to Rough and Tumble, just saying!

  2. Lots of photos and video of the Reunion on the web. Really cool. And yes, I have both dirty and new holes in some clothes from standing near the Tweetsie locomotives.

  3. Sigh..... Alf stole my heart again.....