Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ballast Cleaning

Ballast cleaning between Stuart and Hobe Sound. Fla. Dec. 19, 2009
Sorry for the low quality of the photos. Had seen the machine in Jensen Beach a couple of days earlier and went looking for them.
Ran into the same crew in downtown Stuart in April 2015. They were waiting on permission to start work. The gentleman I talked to remembered talking to me in Jensen Beach before. 

Not sure who makes the equipment. Loram is one manufacturer but the machine on YouTube looks slightly different.

A British company with divisions all over the world.

Another view.

Edited to add a link to the Wikipedia article about ballast cleaners in case you wondered why it is done. 


  1. Cool pics! Wouldn't want to stand to close to that machine, though!

  2. Really fun to watch. Did you check out the link to the YouTube video? I added another link to a wikipedia article.
    Is it normal to always remember something you wanted to include right after you hit the publish button?

    1. It's a written law with Blogger- that's why they give you the 'edit' button so you can change or add stuff after you publish!! :o)