Sunday, May 17, 2015

Southern Railway System "The Tennessean"

When "The Tennessean" leaves for Tennessee

Copyright 1940 by Josephine Crisler McCormak

Blow yo' whistle, Engineer, Fireman les'go ;way frum here, My heart
___ is racin' n-head of you. Run'er faster than you oughta,
Gotta see a man a-bout his daughta, I know___ she's gonna say "yes" to me.

When the "Tennessean" leaves for Tennessee,
They won't have to holla "all a-board" for me,
'Cause I left my heart on a rail-road track,
And I'm goin' down home and get it back,
When the "Tennessean" leaves from Tennessee.

Oh the birds and bees wont have a thing on me
When spring-time comes this year in Tennessee
Now, I might be broke, but I tell you fair,
I would'nt swap my place with a billionaire,
When the "Tennessean" leaves for Tennessee.

When the "Tennessean" leaves for Tennessee,
It's a streak of green and silver Glory Be!
If your neck's stuck out you bet-ter draw it back,
When that new stream-lin-er hits the track
And the "Tennessean" leaves for Tennessee.

Sheet music from 1940 probably found in some old family papers.


  1. No video of you singing it???????

  2. I have been told two things about my musical ability.
    1. I have a tin ear (Jr. high band master)
    2. I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. (family)