Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tweetsie #190

Pictures from Railfan Weekend at Tweetsie Sept 12, 2010.

Edited May 25 to add a video

One of the engines, #190 Yukon Queen, at Tweetsie is from Alaska. (Baldwin #69425)

From Wikipedia:
"Tweetsie acquired another coal-fired steam locomotive, USATC S118 Class 2-8-2 #190, the “Yukon Queen” from Alaska’s White Pass and Yukon Route in 1960. Built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1943 for the US Army, the engine was part of an 11-locomotive fleet of “MacArthur” 2-8-2s originally purchased for use overseas. During World War II, the locomotives were sent to Alaska for use on the White Pass and Yukon."

Here it is double heading behind #12. Note name on tender. I have been told they only do this on Railfan Weekend. 

Edited to add Whistles for Chickenmon, 5/25
Big difference between #12 and #190


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    1. Thanks.
      It is really neat watching them in person. You should hear the whistles!

  2. Interesting stuff. You might find interesting.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by.
      I checked out the website and had to look at the steam trains page first! Neat site.

  3. Loved it! Oh, how I miss train whistles! You made my day!!! :o)